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Apartments Trogir
Apartments Trogir
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The scenic city Trogir lies between Split and Šibenik.
Trogir is part of UNESCO, it has beautiful passages, a lot
of places for sight-seeing like the cathedral and the old castle.
It also has a lot of cafes, restaurants, bars and discos.
"If you travel in the south, stop in front of the walls of Trogir"
Trogir is the most beautiful island in the world
The world famous magazine "National Geographic" chose Trogir as the most beautiful island town due to its stunning nature, architecture and "The peaceful lifestyle to enjoy".
Trogir was built in the 3rd century by the greeks and is one of the best remained cities in Europe. A good maintained castle, a tower, a cathedral aswell as a couple of smaller churches and a palace from the epochs of romatic, gothic, reneissance and barock are in located in the city centre. Since 1997 Trogir is part of UNESCO.
Come to Croatia and enjoy 3 different climatic zones:
At the sea side is the quite nice mediterranean climate,
with a lot of sunhours through the whole year.
The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are mild and wet. In the inland,
where the continental climate is present, the temperatures are lower.
On the heights of 1200 meters you can enjoy the mountain air,
where the temperature reaches around 13 ºC during summer.



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Apartments Trogir
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